Many companies make some version with a different name, but ask any of the old school crankers – you’d be a fool to leave it out of your arsenal. What Crankbait Color to Throw in Spring For More Bass. USING CRANKBAITS FOR NIGHT WALLEYE. Most expert night fishermen use black or dark blue lures. But, it isn’t necessary.Â. Pro pointer: A long-billed ¾-ounce crankbait in Sexy Shad is the “ledge dredge” … Well when it comes to fishing at night time, there really is no more an exciting way to catch bass than on crankbaits. This is my own opinion, you may have your own, but I will give you my thoughts and tips on throwing these baits at night. We froze our marbles off and caught a lot of fish to bring you this guide on what crankbait colors to use in winter. Crawfish Behave Differently in Winter, and Your Crankbaits Should Too If you fish colder northern water, crawfish stay put in the winter. They eat em’, so why not have a crankbait that looks like them. Home. Load up on these patterns if your home lake has some color to it. Use VanDam’s deciding factors and apply them to the fisheries in your area to help you determine the best color for the given conditions. Watermelon Red- use this one when fishing in clean or lightly stained water and around vegetation. Ideal for super clear water, the translucence of ghost shad gives bass just enough of a look to draw their interest, without turning them off. How you retrieve a crankbait in the fall is really important. It’s been around forever for a reason – it simply gets bit. Crankbait Color Selection: The Guide To Choosing Crank Colors The greenish, yellowish, lemon-lime type color known as chartreuse has always been touted by fisherman as one of the best crappie jig colors for crappie as well as bass jig fishing alike. You see fish on your depth finder at 12 feet, "There they are, right there, at 12 feet just over that brush pile. Local Knowledge. Here are some of fishing pro Tom Redington’s tips for choosing the right crankbait colors for various conditions: Use silver or chrome colored crankbait lures on sunny days when bass are feeding on bait fish such as minnows or shad. Walk into any tackle shop in the country, and you’re instantly confronted with hard and soft bass fishing baits in more colors than you can imagine. When fishing crankbaits figure that a drop of .001-inch in line diameter can add close to a foot increase in depth on a long cast.. Active, vertical jigging can be deadly for night fishing. When in the lure aisle choosing your baits, try these crankbait color recommendations. Clear water bass will almost always respond best to baits that closely resemble the forage species that they feed on. It’s the perfect shad emulator. Water color will determine whether you want to go more natural. The blade in front of the jig displaces a lot of water … The water is stained so it isn't clear water.. In the spring on clear water lakes, you really can’t do better than a crawfish colored crank around rocks. By Mark Martin . You can go up to the .75oz range, matching your crankbait to the plentiful young shad. Which Color of the Crankbaits Do You want? That’s rarely the case. Dark colors are the best choices, because these are the colors walleyes see best during low-light conditions. There are many shades between those that will work. Color is critical to crankbait fishing success. The best chatterbait colors in muddy water in my opinion is either black & blue or white & chartreuse. Sometimes a stop and go operation is better. He was fishing with Thelen in two tournaments a week apart. When fishing a crankbait on the surface or just under it, it's best to add a little more action to it with the tip of the rod. This is a summer bait, perfect for dragging along the bottom until you get a bite. In some water they’ll change to brown, yellow, or green on the underside as well.Â. You never know. The young threadfin shad is a favorite bass food this time of year. They’ll be more camouflaged than the springtime, so color choice is different. However, the best color of crankbait for smallmouth bass really depends on the forage of the lake, the weather conditions and the water clarity like we have discussed in this article. It’s best to try everything until you find out what works. Visibility might be 8 or 12 feet deep. Recipes. Black is always your best color at night and make sure you use heavy 65 pound braided line. Ready to outfish your friends this winter? Forums List How To Use Forums New posts Fishing Reports Classifieds Gallery Search forums. They often have brown, blue, or grey on their backs. It is considered by a lot of crappie fisherman as the only choice for crappie jig color. Since bass have little trouble spotting a dark worm slithering through the ebony depths at night, surely they can see a crankbait wiggling and bumping about. With water that clear, Christensen doesn't go to a brighter-colored jig when there is less light penetration, but actually switches to a darker color to keep it natural. Matt takes you fishing at night for some summer bass and debunks some common myths about lure colors when night fishing. Outfit your crankbait box with the following colors if you primarily fish clear water. Here are our favorite lures that will help you catch fish all night long. Bolton reached for a No. Remember to change your presentation if these color tips aren’t catching many fish. If it Has Rattling BBs Option? I'm looking for a good color for this pond.. No votes so far! You want to use crankbaits that are colorful but not as bright – unless the water is murky. It’s got a white, shad like belly, and sides that transition from chartreuse to blue on the back. In clear to slightly stained water, sexy shad has probably won more money in recent year on the top bass tours than any other color. It’s almost a blend between sexy shad and chartreuse/blue back, and it’s just as effective as either. Or what other colors? Be the first to rate this post. With hundreds of crankbait lure colors to choose from, picking the right color for bass fishing can be hard. Check the Hook Configuration Before Buying; Final Verdict: Which is the Best Crankbait; Share this: Related; Regardless of how experienced angler you are you will definitely agree on the fact that fishing with crankbait is the best and most reliable technique. I think that bass are so honed into loud noises and fast moving baits. Choose the color that best suits you from 7 options; the crawfish are two-tone injection poured and hand painted ; The Tackle HD Hi-Def Craw Bait isn’t technically a crankbait. Shad Imitation Crankbait Colors Work Well in Winter, Choose small baits in the .25oz to 0.5oz range. This one can get you bites in just about any condition. There are times when the bass want it fast, as fast as you can crank. Matching the hatch will be especially important this time of year. I'd like to share a few of the tips on how to choose and use the proper crankbaits for changing conditions to catch those big walleye at night. The dark and bright colors give the bass a target and allows them to locate you lure more easily. Lure selection is always important in bass fishing, but it is crucial for fishing under the cover of darkness. Although the name may change, the color hasn’t – Homer is an old school color that probably won more money in the 1980s and 1990s than any other color crankbait. I grabbed my favorite No. Shop. The choices can be overwhelming and can waist your time and money. Search titles only . We are sorry that this post was not useful for you! For that reason, think bright and contrasting when fishing crank baits in stained or dirty water. To choose color, think about the water and lighting conditions. The best crankbait for bass fishing will have a lip and two treble hooks, but your individual fishing style will determine what works best for you overall. For the best results, you should determine how well the crappie crankbait has been designed to achieve a deep dive when in use, while a good dive depth will help you land more crappies, you should also consider the color of the crappie crankbait you are considering for purchase. Muted chartreuse, orange, blue, and yellow are good colors for this time of year. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Crawfish this time of year aren’t full red. Green Pumpkin- best and most versatile color. So How Does This Figure Into Crankbait Choice? Chartreuse, Chartreuse, Chartreuse. You can use a wide variety of lures to catch them. So a few years ago, I got to wondering: Why not crankbaits? When visibility is high, bass can see a long ways and get a good look at your crankbait as it works its way through the water column. Walleye are versatile fish. Use the Yo-Yo Retrieve. On Lake Erie, we have lots of different water colors and clarities, not to mention variable sunlight and wave conditions. Well, if you've ever had to entice a suspended largemouth or smallmouth to bite, chances are you reached for a crankbait. Some say the best bass crankbaits are designed to catch fishermen rather than fish. It’s essentially a color similar to Homer, but with black mottling on the sides. Here is our guide to clear water and stained water crankbait color selection. It’s got chartreuse sides, a blue back and a bright belly – often with scale pattern. Fishdope. I was thinking fire tiger? Green Gizzard Shad – This is a little better choice than plain ol’ Sexy Shad if the water is really, really clear and there are plenty of shad. They’ll stay active until the water drops below 50 degrees. And, not only that, you need at least 4 of EACH color as you need to move to more trolling that color and of course, you may lose some. When employing this technique, anglers should allow their lure to fall to the bottom. Forums. The best wintertime retrieve for a lipless crankbait is referred to as the yo-yo style retrieve. Is that a good choice? But Kevin describes his approach to the diving bill family of baits as a “system.”. They hide in crevices and don’t come out much. But, how do we …, We fished our butts off, did the research, and put together this guide on spring …. And, a steady wind is not always best. Menu. The amount of light that the moon supplies is the most important factor in determining the color of your lure. Rig up a loud, noisy buzzbait with a lot of clacking. Night fishing is a great way to beat the heat and catch fish. Crankbait Guide also offers products from other retailers in order to keep this site running freely. And when you get into a particular crankbait style, you'll find a wide variety of what you think are the best crankbait colors. The theory is that these colors provide a more distinct profile when silhouetted against the lighter background of the water's surface. This white belly shad crankbait worked well for a winter bass. Plus, the shad this time of year are usually more of a dull color and the grayish shad patterns better imitate those baitfish. If you have a pitch-black night with no moonlight, you’ll want to go with a black lure. It does double duty as well – most crawfish colors are also effective in stained water. This forage is easy to imitate with a crankbait. It’s got a great shad look, with a little chartreuse to stand out against the clutter. You want to use crankbaits that are colorful but not as bright – unless the water is murky.Â. Use this color on: Diving crankbaits. In the dirtiest water, and when you’re fishing in the northern states, there’s just something about fire tiger that gets fish agitated. Two particular fishing situations call for special color considerations: night fishing and topwater fishing. As good as this is for anglers with unlimited bait budgets, it can make crankbait color selection a nerve wracking proposition, as it can be downright difficult to decide which colors to buy. A double-buzz is even better, creating more noise and a bigger profile. Night time fishing is most common among catfish anglers, but bass anglers can have just as much success at night. Muted chartreuse, orange, blue, and yellow are good colors for this time of year. Terry Bolton was fishing with me recently and we both pulled out the same crankbait to start attacking the bass in 52 degree water -- a Rapala Shad Rap. Let's say you're on the water fishing crankbaits. If you have a bright shining moon, you can use an attention-drawing lure color like orange or red. If you buy something through my links, I may get a commission, at no cost to you. Bladed Swim Jigs. Some products have proven to be awesome, and I share them with you here. You can present your crankbaits by casting or trolling. To help out, we thought it would be a good idea to put together a basic guide to which colors are necessities, and under what conditions each shines brightest. By: Search Advanced search… Search … It will also be more difficult. Fishing App Showdown: The Three Best iOS …, What Crankbait Color to Throw in Spring …, Choose the Best Crankbait …. A chatterbait is an extremely popular and effective bass fishing lure that can be … A small diameter fluorocarbon line will help you fish them deep. Application: Bass pros have made this relatively new color pattern a top choice for cranking offshore ledges, points and similar main lake structures. Thus, a dark lure is easier for bass to see and strike accurately at night. I'm fishing for bass. 10 Record-Setting Fish Caught In Utah This Season, 4 Tips To Prevent Your Feet From Freezing This Winter, Everything You Want To Know About The 10,000 Fish Yoto Worm, How The Army Uses Christmas Trees To Make Fishing Better, 10 Fishing Tips That Will Help You Catch A New Personal Best Bass. This action mimic's an injured bait-fish that may temp the trout into a strike. 3. It’s still fantastic for catching bass, though. in Winter, and Your Crankbaits Should Too. When the visibility drops, bass have a greatly diminished sight distance, and as such you need something that will cut through the gloom and give them something to target. When your line is dry and your gear is in …, We fished our butts off, did the research, and put …, We buy more lures because we want to catch more …, We buy more lures because we want to catch more fish. In my opinion the best smallmouth bass crankbait colors are white, ghost patterns, red or orange and gold. I’m not particularly fond of crankbait fishing in general, but I do love night fishing and experimenting with different baits and techniques. Whether you are a novice to deep crankbait fishing or if you’re simply looking to add a few proven colors to your crankbait box this summer, VanDam’s 5 favorite colors are an excellent place to start. It's got a distinct orange belly and darker brown back. But at other times a slow retrieve, so slow that the bait barely wobbles, is more important. Original pic by @fishingwithmg on instagram. If you can net some to check the size, that will give you an advantage. This is fact. At night, you really shouldn’t be fishing any moving baits. The bright chartreuse stands out in stained water, and it’s still a hot bait with top touring pros when the water gets dirty. However, on bright clear nights, bold white works well if shad or similarly colored baitfish are present. I have heard of other colors working, but for soft plastic worms or jigs, nothing beats a blue and black color. Best Color for Nighttime Bass Fishing. The lesson hit home for Christensen a few years ago. When bass are feeding on bluegills, it makes sense to give them what they want. In late fall and winter, Bass feed on other fish. If you fish colder northern water, crawfish stay put in the winter. Bluegill Imitation Crankbait Colors For Winter Bass, Bluegill are less colorful in the winter, but bass still feed on them. In a best-case scenario, you will be fishing in relatively clear water with a reasonable amount of sunlight penetration and your lures might look somewhat similar to what they look like out of the water. Boats Fishing Hunting Travel Women Fishing. For that reason, the name of the game in clear water is matching the hatch. Forums Search. For night fishing, I like dark blue or black. As you retrieve try to lightly twitch the rod tip. The best stickbait colors for night fishing in a river valley system will be junebug and black/blue laminate most of the time. If it's a floating crankbait then you can let it float back up to the surface to cause ripples. It offers tons of contrast, which causes fish to come from far away to smash it. You can use them anytime of year, in most fishing situations. 5 Shad Rap in the original Shad color. Modern molding and painting techniques have allowed lure manufacturers to quickly design and produce colors that in years past wouldn’t have been possible. My night trolling technique, however , is strictly a crankbait- type of fishing. In warmer water, you can still catch them hanging out on rocks and ledges through the winter. Keep it simple when choosing colors for your crankbaits when going bass fishing. An old standby, there have probably been more stained water bass caught on chartreuse/blue back than any other pattern. Chatterbaits or bladed jigs give off a ton of vibration, which makes them an excellent bait for night fishing. Spinnerbaits. Articles. You need to slow down and go finesse so the bass can find the bait. 2. Black and Blue- use this one in muddier water or low light conditions like night fishing and in cloud cover. Another effective bait for night fishing is a jig, tipped with a minnow. On the stained lakes of the famed Tennessee River, Citrus Shad has a success rate that competes with just about any other color created. Crankbaits provide an advantage in winter because you can cover lots of water when fish aren’t moving as much. Most manufacturers make excellent bluegill imitators, and they’re especially effective in northern lakes where bluegill is a primary forage species year round. In the end, you can’t go wrong matching what they’re eating. You get a product you’ll love, and I get some bread money from the site selling it. Below 45 degrees, try something else for the rest until the water warms up again. Want to be too busy reeling in fish to even feel the cold? 8 Shad Rap in the original Crawdad color. What Crankbait Color to Use for Winter Bass?