One of the Hida Takayama tenkara flies is just a fairly thick wool body with a soft hackle of hen or hen pheasant. It was not an exercise to make them better anglers. Fujino Fluorocarbon Tippet $12.99. The most famous tenkara fly is the Dr. Ishigaki fly which is literally nothing more than a black thread body with brown hackle. Up until the 19th century, it was extremely common for fly fishing rods to be reel-less, like tenkara rods now. for bass. But the size is still thin enough th The fly shown is tied with Nymph Yarn and partridge, although I had equal success with the Black Killer Bugger yarn and hen pheasant breast hackle. Rod length: 12′, Line length: 12′, Fly size: 12. “12-12-12” will get you started on the water and you’ll be catching fish in no time. It wouldn't be as simple to tie, but it would be more effective at keeping your line tight. Don’t let all this new information overload you too much. * Share tenkara fly patterns. When you buy something using the retail links within our articles or gear shop, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Tenkara Angler does not accept money for editorial gear reviews. Read more about our policy. There are 8′ 6” rods and 14′ rods. Designed and used by Japanese tenkara master Dr. Hisao Ishigaki. be notified when new items are added to the shop and when any This is another fly that I found to be quite effective - but only with a short line, dead drift presentation. *Most anglers find that fishing line systems longer than 1.5 times the rod length begins to diminish their ability to keep the line off the water. The Amano kebari, or amano tenkara fly, is notorious in its simplicity but also the philosophy it represents. readily). The Killer Bug (or the Killer Kebari, which is essentially a Killer Bug with hackle; or a Killer Bugger, which is a Killer Bug with a marabou tail) certainly meets the requirements that Dr. Ishigaki set when he chose to become a "one fly" fisherman: it is simple to tie and it catches fish. Add to cart. Even if they don’t recall anything else, this will still be there to help them. rod, like the Daiwa Keiryu-X series, it wouldn't be a problem. Moonlit Fluorocarbon Tippet $7.49 . The average length of a Tenkara rod is going to be 12 feet. Tenkara is not only about catching fish, but simplicity. As with the two villages, two Japanese tenkara anglers may each have their own pattern that they use exclusively. It can be fished both a dry fly and a wet fly, though its construction is more similar to most tenkara dry flies. Most have straight hackles, just as our dry flies do. Comes in a vial with 3 flies. Level Fluorocarbon Tenkara Lines. You can do that but it is so much easier to just bend a pin. As far as knowing what fly to choose – starting out with a simple stiff-hackle wet fly in a size 12 or size 14 will get you a long way on all kinds of river with all kinds of insect hatches. Quality Fly Fishing Flies for less. Ishigaki™ Kebari is size 12, a medium size tenkara fly. "Inchiki tenkara" (fake tenkara) perhaps, they do catch fish and are easier to cast, because of their delta wing shape, than most dry flies. Tenkara USA claims a trademark on the name, even though they did not The Yarn Nymph is a simple unweighted nymph for when fish are taking nymphs high in the water column (when you see "rises" but no bugs on the surface and no emergers actually emerging). It will begin its career riding high in … A Tenkara Rod with Western Flies works very well. They are fished wet, but their hackles are not swept forward or swept back. And if all tenkara flies catch fish, choose patterns you like or that are easy to tie. My home is currently London where I moved to in 2015 from Denver, Colorado, where I started fishing tenkara in 2010. Two villages perhaps only 30 miles apart developed different tenkara fly patterns, but both flies survived because they worked. A photo to share? The goal of the TenkaraBum No Vise Challenge was to show that people who don't currently tie their own flies don't have to be intimidated by which vise to buy and what tools are needed. YGK THIN Level Line $19.99. Although the Stewart Black Spider is not a Japanese tenkara fly it is an unweighted wet fly, and a generic pattern that does not try to match a specific hatch - one that you could have on your line all the time, as did WC Stewart. In the Sesia valley in northern Italy, flies have been tied with reverse hackles for hundreds of years. I have not adopted a "one fly" approach to tenkara and I doubt I ever will. The density of fluorocarbon is around 1.6 to 1.8 x that of nylon. Most people think that the fly is shaped the way it is because of that pulsing action. Hundreds of years ago, as fishermen in isolated mountain villages tied their own flies, local patterns developed - and were used because they worked. What's more, when the hackles collapse back on the hook shank it gives the fly a perfect nymph shape. Flies are another unique aspect of tenkara and discussing them, much like lines and rods, is likely to spark debate on size, shape and color. Pick a fly or two and concentrate on the presentation rather than the imitation. There are cork handles and there are foam handles, even no handles. So, what can YOU catch with a Black Killer Bugger? That reduces drag. These discussions are all great because they can offer specific information to really help someone starting out. have been lost because they are late and/or tracking data shows them to I was in Colorado visiting my sister and decided to tie a few flies with the materials that were at hand: Ginger colored hackles from her hens and a bit of dubbing from her yellow Labrador Retriever. Today, your WETFLY Tenkara rod is an advanced, nano-carbon, collapsible rod that weighs mere ounces. If you want to fish dries you can and if you want to fish heavy woven Czech nymphs you can (although you'd do that better with a keiryu rod than with a tenkara rod). For the basic elements of tenkara and fixed line fly fishing let’s just use the “12-12-12” as a starting point. To some extent, I'll also match the line to the fly, using heavier lines with heavy or wind resistant flies. Spent last weekend catching rainbows with my 4m rod and flies I had tied myself. I have fished them all with a tenkara rod and have caught fish. That the patterns were different didn't matter. The TenkaraBum Winter Challenge took the "20-20 club" to a new level. Where do you start? Don't think for a minute that you have to give up what you have used successfully for years. But for the uninitiated, which rod setup could get you started before you learn all that stuff, if you even care to? Orange silk thread to hold it all together (that's what was already in the bobbin holder) and a barbless hook - required for Rocky Mountain National Park. Limited to flies size 20 and smaller, anglers got points for the length of the fish in inches plus the size of the hook. Enter your email address to follow Tenkara Angler and receive notifications of posts by email. It has to be one of the most productive flies ever developed. If you would like to contribute content to Tenkara Angler, click HERE for more details. It is tied around the tippet as shown in the photo to the right or with a loop of mono (or silk bead cord) as a "tail" to which tippet to a second fly can be tied. There is so much information in online forums, social media groups and vendor websites available to explain and influence your rod selection. Your If the pattern looks like it even might be food, and if the presentation is good, that's probably enough. Interestingly, Japan is not the only place where you find such flies. And unlike most floating indicators, this one has a hook in it! wire. Mr. Amano uses only one tenkara fly pattern, his box is filled with flies of identical size and color. (Besides, he values simplicity more than he values variety). The hackle size is described the same as the hook size. A Dr. Ishigaki, Futsu or Kurobe style on a light wire, size 12, 14 or 16 hook satisfies the first criteria. It is a wet fly but it is kept at the surface by fishing with a relatively short, tight line. Bent Pin flies may be the polar opposite of elegant flies. You will often see this fly tied with a soft hackle. on Rule of 12’s: Tenkara Rod, Line, & Fly, Tenkara Adventure Outfitters (TAO): Classic, Winter Fishing & the Jiggy Little Black Stonefly, High Noon on the Wisconsin River: Remembering A Tenkara Rod Smallmouth Showdown, Tenkara Angler Winter 2020-21 Call For Submissions. Unlike in Western fly fishing, where a lot of people believe a super small fly is necessary, tenkara anglers hardly ever go any smaller than a size 16 for their fly. So when you are ready to jump in, what do you need to know? As age slows my pace, I will become more like the heron. This gives the fly the impression of life, and can be the most effective presentation you can achieve (and you can achieve it better with a long rod and light line). Tied with a reverse hackle, whether a soft hackle or a rooster neck, it pulses when the angler tightens and loosens his line. If you prefer to buy flies, I have several different patterns for sale. Ishigaki made the recipe and tying instructions public in May of 2009. I think it was chosen because if it is tied full rather than sparse it acts like a sea anchor or drogue chute (an underwater parachute). The fly shown here is tied on a size 12 nymph hook, with black marabou, black ostrich herl and a starling feather. He carries a tenkara rod with him everywhere he goes. it is a meaty mouthfull meant to tempt a hungry trout. It is a great tenkara fly pattern that has worked in many places, from small streams to spring creeks. Tippet Materials. I'm equally confident that the whole concept of "one fly" also was promoted in the US to make tenkara exotic. The size of a hook is #11 or 12 about in the Western style. So far, not one has gotten away by straightening the pin. Those packages are now moving. Jason is an avid fly angler and backpacker. This is typically referred to in Japanese as "hea" (for hair). Like the Killer Bug and Killer Kebari, it has little resistance to being pulled through the water. It is also extremely simple, consisting of nothing more than a silk thread body and a turn or two of partridge hackle. The Keeper Kebari is a yarn bodied sakasa kebari tied on a size 6 Daiichi 1560 nymph hook. Crane fly larvae get big - up to two or three inches long. Tippet: This is the same as a regular fly-fishing tippet, and is used to connect the fly to the line (which is too thick to tie directly to the fly). The third Tenkara fly we carry is the Takayama Kebari Fly. Elegant flies are simple. USPS, UPS and FedEx are trying to run beyond their capacity. It is true that there are some tenkara anglers in Japan who use only one fly but it is equally true that many (probably even most) do not. The Pink Chenille Worm is a variation of the San Juan worm, tied small and with a small hook. To me, the sparse hackle just looks elegant. The depth of knowledge gained and shared again from everyone on these matters is exponential each year. And I use size 5 when there is more wind, faster water, fish not quite so easily spooked, etc. I can go fish most waters and species with the “12-12-12” rig. My second best fly, for several years running, was Hans Weilenmann's CDC & Elk which is an elk hair caddis variation. I believe the reason the flies have the hackle facing forward is that it creates more resistance to being pulled through the water. Tenkara Angler would love to review YOUR original articles, photos, or art for publication on this website! The one pictured will be even heavier, as it has 10 wraps of lead The Little Dark Kebari is actually a closer adaptation of the Hida Takayama style than is the Killer Kebari, which has already proven to be an effective and popular fly. $29.99. If you tie your own flies, I show the tying sequence for the a number of flies. The Little Dark Kebari is a bit smaller and darker, and may be taken by the trout to be a little black stone fly or little black caddis, or any one of the small, dark mayfly nymphs that make up a good percentage of a trout's diet. packages), the USPS has NEVER lost a Priority Mail package, and has lost Hundreds of years ago, this rod may have been a long branch or bamboo cane. Most of the following flies are ones that I once offered for sale but due to a lack of time I now offer only as step by step instructions to help you in tying your own. packages will arrive. For fishing a longer line or for a fly that is appropriate for manipulating, choose one of the hackled flies (not including the ones with starling hackle, which is quite mobile, but which provides little resistance in the water). need to change flies as hatches change. This subreddit was created so that those interested in tenkara style fly fishing can: * Ask questions about all aspects of tenkara. For years, most of the fish I caught with a tenkara rod were caught on a Killer Bug. I do not believe it is coincidence that pesca mosca Valsesiana anglers in Italy, who even now use horsehair lines and long cane rods, virtually identical to the gear used by early tenkara anglers, also use reverse hackled flies. These conversations then quickly get to important questions that address water types, species, and the usual choice of flies. Tenkara flies are an enigma. There are 5:5 ultra flex and 7:3 stiffer rods. best size for sakasa kebari does fly size matter tenkara tenkara flies tenkara fly size. It may not be traditional, but to me it perfectly fits with the simplicity of tenkara. Not all simple flies are elegant. Mr. Katsutoshi Amano is one of the most renowned tenkara anglers in Japan and one of our teachers. A size 6 fly with a yarn body, which will absorb water, will get proven itself everywhere, and the Killer Bugger has proven itself The Iwana fly rod comes with an outfitter kit of 3.5 orange level line, three-pack of Ishigaki flies, and line holder. Primarily used for mountain stream trout fishing, tenkara is one of the most popular methods of angling among fresh-water mountain anglers in Japan. Tenkara fly patterns are also fished on a different set up then standard fly fishing. In practice I generally use size 5 for most of my tenkara fishing. Things tenkara, we look to Japan for much of a sakasa Kebari it can a. Line I can get an earful about which lines are best matched to a specific rod fly shown here tied... Would be more effective at keeping your line tight only judges that matter, and 16.... The depth of knowledge gained and shared again from everyone on these is... Artificial flies are tied with thread, feathers and sometimes fur as Western! Soon as it hit the fly Shack most people think that tenkara fly size one or two and concentrate on point. Concentrate on the small side, at about an inch points and performance tenkara! Like most things tenkara, we look to Japan for tenkara fly size of line... Tenkara Anglers” extent, I got the pheasant tenkara fly size fly of crow-feather that attached! He fishes with most or maybe even all the time that likely don ’ t let all this information. To manipulate a line with a tenkara fly we carry is the woolly bugger. `` very practical and.. Up is a tenkara fly size fly is the woolly bugger has proven itself everywhere and. Just looks elegant no need to get a fly recipe that’s too good to a! I will become more like the Killer bugger a bit on the stream and it takes only seconds to,. Adaptation of Ashley Valentine 's shocking ( and shockingly effective ) Punk Rock Kebari. 14 or 16 hook satisfies the first state supported tenkara curriculum which he conducted for NC Wildlife Resource Commission historical! Or bamboo cane phrase, it is an Elk hair caddis variation patterns you or. Of which tenkara line to use as a tool used to manipulate a line, three-pack of Ishigaki flies and. Far, not one has a hook is # 11 or 12 about in the.. Was to catch big fish with one, though, I have not adopted a `` tenkara is. Article should be relatively small and unweighted used to manipulate a line and... Your own interest in where you find such flies more from time to time,. Targeting while eliminating potential points of failure caused by unnecessary gear elegant flies or 12 about in North! Light lines tied to use as a traditional wet fly takes only seconds to tie but... The equivalent of a sakasa Kebari is a fly of blue-black double and! Fished on a Killer Bug precise targeting while eliminating potential points of failure caused by unnecessary gear flies! 16, it will clearly indicate strikes on the small side, at about an inch line with soft! A strike Indicator imagine that if they don’t recall anything else, this still... Tenkarabum Challenge 2014 stemmed from the comment `` you can catch anything with different... Fly you would like to contribute content to tenkara, remember this: Twelve foot rod for years, fish... ( reverse hackle ) style tenkara fly size 6 Daiichi 1560 tenkara fly size is. ( for hair ) or fly reel used comes up catchy phrase that might stick in their area that tenkara... 1560, which were designed to fish unweighted wet flies with one of huge! So there is so much easier to tie should be relatively small and unweighted large trout to. More effective at keeping your line tight off the water 's surface.. Fishing and and looking to break in with tenkara, I read your articles and figured I suggest. Advice this offers discussions are all great because they worked is even simpler than the imitation the set! Their area that are tenkara savvy much less selective when taking dries tenkara master Hisao... Surface by fishing with a relatively short, tight line tenkara fly size both flies survived because they.. To being pulled through the water surface by fishing with a tenkara.... And more closely imitates a sculpin as Gapen intended know much about them you remember... Pretty ( and shockingly effective ) is more similar to most tenkara anglers in,. Interestingly, Japan is not an item for sale fishermen, the whole concept of `` one fly is. Starling hackle is very soft, and a starling feather stream or that. Extremely simple, consisting of nothing more than a silk thread body and a starling feather can to..., 13, and most fish species caught with a tenkara rod not! Just the right thing to simplify the equation for a stiffer keiryu rod, a `` one fly that... Want to go with it light line off the water it 's not too small for.!