could you read my palm again, I could go somewhere local Thank you so much for your quick and honest service. Nitin Sir is one of the genuine person I found in my life. In addition, the CEP for the Peacekeeper was much better than the Trident. Hannah Marie. You're a new found friend for me that can give good advice/guidance to have a brighter future ahead. All the best. Gurjit, Hi Nitin How are you? Continue Re Sumit Saha, 40)  Neeche Girti Hui Rekha (नीचे गिरती हुई रेखा ), 1) Mount Of Sun/Surya Parvat (सूर्य पर्वत). We wish you all the very best! Most of the things that he has said in my palm reading report are true. Thnks Thnks lot... I have consulted many astrologers and palmist but none of them were able to come close to even 1 percent of my life events . Please consider my Request sir. is there any remedy stop these false allegations .4 times I had false allegations and it gave me great mental pressure every time . I live in U.S ..I will meet him personally when i visit next time to india. God Bless!! I got my answers ,u r really great and good predictor .. If these signs are on the fate line, then that person is very lucky and gets all the happiness. Fate Line That Ends In A Trident. Mr. Singhal, I truly value integrity and honesty. Also, I have my sister who also wants to do her palm reading. Everything you mentioned that happened before the age of 25 did happen! Except when one of the lines is clearly a sister line of the Line of the Sun (which see).. Worth it to show your hand to Guruji....& most important thing is he always available. Am from QATAR and the only word I say is EXCELLENT. I am really satisfied by your work and would definitely recommend you for anyone who’s interested to have their palm read. Looking forward to the books on Hindu Signs and Fate line . interested in palm reading His guidance brought me lot of confidence. Dear Mr. Kumar, Thank you for your prompt reply. I do understand there was a delay due to health reasons, and for that, I have no problem. With parliament voting today on wheth… You have good knowledge of palmistry. By working on nitin ji's remedy you can change your life for the betterment. Last time you have done palm reading for my husband it was so correct and thanks for the remedies which u have given. he is a man of his words and will finish your reading at the given time. It is quite true. Regards !-Princess Washington, Thanks for your early and warm response. Talal. Andy, Dear Sir, Like PNG. :). There are more cross lines on mount of Apollo they cut Apolloline. Anyone other than you would have readily agreed on reading the palm again but you yourself self said it’s not required. ovrrall excellent service. Trident present at the end of the heart line is considered to be a very fortunate sign, especially if it ends under the mount of Jupiter as shown in the picture. I will absolutely recommend his services to everyone who likes palmistry. Thank you very much sir. Within 3 days, I got my palm reading.Awesome predictions. I had a few questions before I thought about getting the reading and he replied within a day, polite, respectful. It's very accurate, especially early childhood, health and my original family. Sir U r such a nice person and thanks for ur great suggestion thank u so much. i would like to use your services again in the near future. I am eager to wait for a good future as he told me and of course, I will fight for it also. Contact through WhatsApp: +886966703428Hello Viewers,This video explains the lucky symbols and signs and the significance of Trident in the palm. When one has the success line on the palm, it signifies the sense of achievement and satisfaction that a person feels in their life. I had previously sent my sister's palm prints and your reading report was the most accurate,following which I developed immense faith in you. waiting for your reply. Guruji Hastha Rekhas will Appear Clearly at that time when you See a Person Hand Directly in Presence of you. Again Thank You Sir. Thanks for your prompt response with the reading. I have been using Nitin ji's palmistry guidance for many years and he is extremely honest and VERY accurate. Fig-1 If there is a trident on Sun Line then person could get name, fame in his society and get wealth. The sun line is a vertical line which rises from the upper areas of the Mount of Moon or anywhere on the Apollo mount. Very accurate and detailed. You are the best!! Mount of Thanks for the post and sharing the blog. Thats why I would like to have consultation with you only I really recommend his work and insight as it goes beyond any ordinary palm reading. thank you. Anyway, how do I improve the sun line and what is a pukhraj pendal? It always increases the qualities of the lines or mounts it appears on. April 2019. Hello Nitinji Namasate, hope you are doing fine. I started following his solutions given to me and I believe one must consult him for a brighter future. Sidhartha, Hello Nitin Ji, TRIDENT LIMITED OPEN AIR vol. Will wait for your reply. Fig-1 If there is a trident on Sun Line then person could get name, fame in his society and get wealth. Most of your report is true about me. Namste Sir Sir do i need to give you some fees for guidance? You are very very good. While you have not requested any additional money, it is because of it precisely, that as an appreciation of your outstanding service, that I would like to inform you that I have sent to you by PayPal an additional $20 (equivalent to the original payment for your valuable service) as a token of appreciation for your time and above all honesty. Best regards, Pritam, Nitin Sir, Also important for the reading are the mounts on the palm: the mount of Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo, Mercury, Mars, Neptune, Moon, and … Yanni, Pundit Nithin's hand reading is very excellent and honest guy. Vimal Mistry, Thanks Nitin. She is an author, an artist and also takes an active part in science and has researches about senior psychology ect. I have read the reading and found it very accurate. Point blank 100% accurate. Thank you for doing my palm analysis report which Ahmad forwarded me a few hours ago & after going through all of it I find most of your assessments regarding my nature & past life to be true. Thanks Apka diya hua palmreading padhkar bahot khushi hui. Priyanka. Anyway,I will be returning soon to you for my husband's palm-reading. This shows from price he is charging, which is way too cheap for the knowledge he tells us about ourselves. He charge only a very cheap price too. For example, a triangle on sun line indicates huge fame at national or international level. And thank you for always give me great guidance through your very kind reply. Sir its me nadhy from maldives , i dont know how to thank you, in my experience i would like to say he is very suppotive,he guided me , help me when ever i want and i feel he is like my second father ,,, once again thank you sir...may god bless you work and you... I feel relieved and will be able to plan my future accordingly. I am thus forwarding my palm prints so that i am able to get your opinion. Labels: Learn Palmistry. Aapke diye hue upay aur totke meine chalu kar diye hai aur mere ko vishwas hai ki mere ko aapke margdarshan se safalta jaroor milegi. Well, for my case, most of his predictions about my past is right. Thank you for the my brother palm reading report provide. Moreover he is not money minded person, very honest and sincere . So I am at peace after reading your correct prediction. Really you have amazing intuition and knowledge in palmistry. Regards, Health problems: - You need to take care of your health in late 40s". Two or three branches rising from the Line, hut irregular. A rather curious marking which is an unconfirmed Desbarrolles reading. Mr.Nitin is a honest & professional palmist,i have a very good experience with him.nitin ji your site is very useful for many reason...about service,it is very fast and proper..would recommend to others..great work by nitin ji...keep it up sir. It is not present as a complete line on all hands and is more typically found only in segments. I know that these people are envious of my artistic skills, yet to sum it up I'm happy that chance of marriage is visible by next year. Some palmist do interpret that. Comments Off on Sun Line – Type 33. Many confused lines - Artistic ten-dencies, unfortunately interfered with by scientific instincts; inspiration stopped midway to realization. The effects of a Trident sign in different positions of a hand are mentioned below: On Sun Line: Trident on Sun Line in Indian Palmistry means protection of Lord Shiva from negative aspects and it increases the positivity of that line. Have a great day. Most of my past readings were so accurate. So, the Trident was essentially more missile, in terms of range than the USAF needed. You are really great. 8. Fig-2: If there is a sign of Gopuch on Sun line or many branches going upwards from Sun Line then it … God Bless him and his work. I sent $30 Dollars first, then sent the $5 right after Thank you very much . Pandit Ji, Line of Fame,Luck And Wealth-Sun Line Known As Apollo Line In … thank you so much for the feedback.. Thanks, Sir,thanks a lot. बबीता वाधवानी , जयपुर , राजस्थान , भारत, Nitin jee is very accurate and has immense knowledge his readings were very accurate and reassuring at no point did I feel he was out to make money and I sincerely wish him all the best. Namaste nitin G Wishing you well in your life. This kind of honesty is rare these days. Those are not impossible to happen because I could feel that my enemies are just lurking around especially in my job and career. Best, Thanks again for your mail. marjon4444 on Sun Feb 09, 2020 5:10 pm. I hope it will work. astrologer today only for one question charge around 4-5 thousand some charge 11000 as thier consultation fee , I visited all but none like u so thank u very much .i will remain in contact with u. Nitin ji believe it or not ur 1000% right every thing u said is right. I greatly appreciate it. My self SRINIVAS TALARI,from Telangana. fig-2, If there is a trident downward from Sun Line or branches of Sun Line going downwards then it indicates person is working in more than one field at same time and because of this person is not able to get success in his life as he is not able to concentrate on one field. Nithinji is a very honest Palmist. Thank you.. Thanks a million for your readings which are perfect. Thanks and regards thanks again. So I just started to contact people all around the world to increase my palmistry. Hello sir, Jose Sanchez Lopez and Elda Sanchez from Switzerland. Anyway this indication itself is very good. I decided to send my palm pictures to Nitinji and got immediate response by mail. All thanx to Nitin ji film released last month got great success and Nitin ji predicted it last year ....He is so accurate even I was not sure for success of my film.. I personally liked the articles for learning palmistry thank u soo much for sharing yr knowledge with all of us..its really very beneficial for ppl learning occult languages. what ever you said is right sir. My mother was always fascinated by this occult science so-to-say and only told me about it. On the Mount of Sun you have 3 sun lines, one curving up from the edge of the Mount of Upper Mars, an excellent indication, another going up from the heart line and the third starts dimly from the heart line and goes up, becomes stronger and again merges with the first sun line. Nitin is just so great, very reliable, honest, sincere and providing outstanding help. So please be bold to say yes or no . A clear sun line can be interpreted as a pointer to enjoying money, prosperity, a comfortable life during old age, an own house and worldly pleasures. Thank you very much for the report. Is it indicated ? You had done a Palm reading for me 2 years back. I will follow the remedies you told. with Regards There is no need to send us your time of birth, place of birth etc . Thank you! Dear Sir, I also think your reading is better than the readings of a few palmists. Dear Sir Nitin , Your insights are soo much valuable to me and I am happy to meet the one like you as a human being. :) Happy to chat with you in the future after my job search... Hello Ntin Thank you so much Nitin I appreciate it! He is 100% accurate on my past childhood, my marriage, career and my financial situation. You can learn secrets of palmistry here and apply them but you need lots of practice. One deep and straight line - Wealth or fame, or both. I have been to so many palmists & astrologers but never got such an accurate analysis of my life. Thanking very Pandit ji. I'm extremely amazed about how you predicted almost every area in my life. My specific question is my financial position and career. I hope all is good Most points are exactly correct.Predictions about my past were accurate.Excellent job. Thanks Thank you once again. 2) Mount Of Saturn/Shani Parvat (शनि पर्वत), Depression, wound, leg, backbone, teeth, ear, arthritis, gastric, hysteria, and suicidal tendency, 3) Mount Of Jupiter/Guru Parvat (गुरु पर्वत), Blood disorder, acne, bone disease, fire burn, listless, timid, indigestion, smoking, T.B., liver and jaundice, 4) Mount Of Mercury/Budh Parvat (बुध पर्वत), 5) Mount Of Upper Mars/Uccha Mangal Parvat (उच्च मंगल पर्वत), Intestine, blood disorder, asthma, and throat, 6) Mount Of Lower Mars/Nimn Mangal Parvat (निम्न मंगल पर्वत), 7) Mount Of Venus/Shukra Parvat (शुक्र पर्वत), 8) Mount Of Rahu/Rahu Parvat (राहु पर्वत), 9) Mount Of Ketu/Ketu Parvat (केतु पर्वत), 10) Mount Of Moon/Chandra Parvat (चंद्र पर्वत), Kidney, kidney stone, urinary disorder, thyroid, cold and cough, 2) Palmist, Psychic, Pundit, Tantrik & Astrologer. Hope in future you will let us know more for greater service/benefit to needy pleople. I also hope very much that even your statement my financial situation regarding For better experience, download the app. Thank you so much for your support and your payers. namshkar nitin ji , Nishant Sagar, Dear Sir, According to Pt. I like to thank you for the trouble that you have taken to prepare the report. He is a compassionate person, Nitin is the best palm reader I've ever been to. Till then a heartfull of respect from a 'fan' . Kya kahu ....Thank you so.. much Nitin ji , very accurate palm reading वैसे तो सभी बात मेरे बारे में आपने 100 per ercent सही कहा है। We were very impressed at your interpretation. Neerav Singh. Sun line begins from the upper part of the Mount of Moon and ends on the Mount of moon. OK Thank you again for your replies and noted on your guidance. This time i want to do my palm reading please find attached pictures and let me know if these are fine for you. Thank you so much! Many things written in the report matches. After receiving my report, I asked him that in the future if I need to ask him about anything specific, what are his charges, and to that he answered saying that "no more fees for specific questions in the future." Narrow, deep and straight and terminating up the Mount of the Sun, uncrossed in both hands - Success. I am really surprised that you have told me about my mothers demise at early age. LIMITED OFFER: Get 10 free Shutterstock images - PICK10FREE. You r god person for me... Thanku for your reading . Thanks I have a good experience with him. I guess he I was very excited to receive the result report he sent me and was amazed how accurate he is on each point as I read through the report. Thank you for reading our palms. View Details. I need a guidance from you. | Which Hand To Read | Palmistry, हथेली पर ग्रहों के स्थान - हस्तरेखा | Mounts On Hand Palmistry, Bhrispati Parvat (Guru Parvat) - Hast Rekha Shastra, Mayur Chinha Hindu Palmistry (Peacock Sign In Palmistry), लचकदार अंगूठा हस्तरेखा ( Supple Thumb Palmistry ), दाँतो में दर्द हस्तरेखा | Teeth Pain Indications On Hand, हस्तरेखा में घमण्डी व्यक्ति का हाथ | Egoist Person, सूर्य रेखा को काटती हुई विवाह रेखा - HASTREKHA VIGAN, Fingers | Nails | Thumb | Hastrekha | Astrology | Palmistry, औरत और आदमी के हाथो के कितने प्रकार होते है हस्तरेखा, सूर्य पर्वत और सूर्य रेखा से कौन सी बीमारी होती है | Surya Rekha Hast Rekha, राजयोग वाला हाथ हस्तरेखा (Rajyog Hastrekha), हाथ की रेखा पर त्रिशूल (Trisul) होना - हस्त रेखा, मध्य कोण और निचला कोण | Hastrekha Vigyan In Hindi, मंगल का बड़ा त्रिकोण तथा चतुष्कोण एवं उसके फल | Hastrekha Shastra, Konse Grah Ki Ungli Konsi Hoti Hai | Hastrekha, जीवन रेखा से ऊपर उठती हुई रेखा और नीचे गिरती हुई रेखा - हस्तरेखा शास्त्र, भाग्य रेखा से शाखा निकल कर शुक्र पर्वत पर जाना | हस्तरेखा, हस्त-रेखा-विज्ञान मणिबन्ध से प्रारम्भ होने वाली यात्रा-रेखाएँ | Yatra Rekha Manibandh Se Shuru Hona, दमा व श्वास रोग | Asthma Rog Hastrekha Shastra, लहरदार मस्तक रेखा | Lahardar Mastak Rekha, मस्तिष्क रेखा के अन्त में द्वीप होना | Mastak Rekha Par Island Hona, शुक्र पर्वत पर रेखाए | Shukra Parvat Hastrekha Vigyan, हृदय रेखा से शुरु होने वाली सूर्य रेखा | Hridya Rekha Se Surya Rekha Ka Shuru Hona, हाथ के पर्वत और उन पर पाई जाने वाली बीमारीया | Parvat Aur Bimariya Hastrekha, मस्तक रेखा का निकास बृहस्पति पर्वत से होना | Mastak Rekha, Hatheli Mein Ang (Body Parts) Ki Isthiti (Position) Aur Rog, स्वास्थ्य-रेखा से भाग्योदय विचार । Swasthaya Rekha Se Bhagyoday Vichar Hastrekha Gyan, बृहत् त्रिकोण में विविध चिह्न और उनका फल हस्त-रेखा-विज्ञान | Signs On Great Triangle Palmistry, तर्जनी पर चिह्न हस्तरेखा | Signs On Index Finger Palmistry, शीर्ष रेखा (मस्तक रेखा ) तथा हृदय-रेखा में अन्तर | Gap Between Head Line & Heart Line Palmistry, हाथ में प्राण रेखा (Pran Rekha) | हस्तरेखा, शुक्र-क्षेत्र पर क्रॉस होना | Cross On Mount Of Venus, चन्द्र-क्षेत्र पर क्रॉस होना | Cross On Mount Of Moon, मंगल के क्षेत्र पर क्रॉस होना | Cross On Mount Of Mars, बुध-क्षेत्र पर क्रॉस चिह्न | Cross On Mount Of Mercury, शनि के क्षेत्र पर क्रॉस होना | Cross On Mount Of Saturn, वासना रेखा | सुमन रेखा | Vasana Rekha | Hastrekha, सितारा (Star) हस्तरेखा विज्ञान | Indian Palmistry, अँगुलियों के बीच खाली स्थान | Ungliyo Ke Beech Khali Isthan Hastrekha, अनामिका अँगुली (Ring Finger) सूर्य की अँगुली । Sun Finger Palmistry, Palmistry Mein Love Marraige Hone Ke Indications Kaun Kaun Se Hote Hai, हाथ में मुड़ी हुई जीवन रेखा - हस्तरेखा (Twisted Life Line Palmistry), Officer Banane Ki Rekhaye Female Ke Hath Me, Ulta Aur Seedha Trishul Surya Rekha Par Hona Hast Rekha Gyan, जीवन रेखा से छोटी छोटी उर्ध्व भाग्य रेखा निकलना - HASTREKHA VIGAN, Bhagya Rekha (Fate Line) In Hindi | Hast Rekha, विभिन्न प्रकार के चिन्ह (Different Types Of Sings On Hand Palmistry), सूर्य रेखा ( Surya Rekha/Sun Line ) | Hast Rekha Gyan, छोटा हाथ होने का मतलब क्या होता है - हस्तरेखा विज्ञान, मिश्रित हाथ होने का मतलब क्या होता है - हस्तरेखा विज्ञान, Guru Parvat Par Kala Til Hona | Hastrekha Shastra, Chotti Vivah Rekha | Lambi Vivah Rekha Hast Rekha Gyan, Shadi Ki Date Aur Age Nikalne Ka Astrology Palmistry Method, हस्तरेखा विज्ञान से सूर्य रेखा की सम्पूर्ण जानकारी प्राप्त करें, त्रिभुज सूर्य पर्वत पर होना | Triangle Surya Parvat Par Hona | On Mount Of Sun, त्रिभुज शनि पर्वत पर होना | Triangle Shani Parvat Par Hona | Triangle On Mount Of Saturn, क्रॉस चिन्ह सूर्य पर्वत पर होना | Cross On Mount Of Sun Palmistry, क्रॉस चिन्ह बुध पर्वत पर होना | Cross On Mount Of Mercury Palmistry, हस्तरेखा शास्त्र में 5वी तरह की भाग्य रेखा | Bhagya Rekha Jyotish Hast Rekha Shastra, हस्तरेखा शास्त्र में 10वी तरह की भाग्य रेखा | Bhagya Rekha Jyotish Hast Rekha Shastra, हस्तरेखा शास्त्र में 8वी तरह की भाग्य रेखा | Bhagya Rekha Jyotish Hast Rekha Shastra, क्रॉस या धन चिन्ह गुरु पर्वत पर होना | Cross On Mount Of Jupiter In Hindi, क्रॉस या धन चिन्ह शनि पर्वत पर होना | Cross On Mount Of Saturn In Hindi, हस्तरेखा ज्ञान हिंदी में चित्रों के साथ सींखो | Hastrekha Gyan, Guru Parvat Par Trishul Hona | Hastrekha Shastra, Pati Aur Patni Mein Ladai Hona | Vivah Rekha, Shadi Nahi Hona? Have operation on next week Wednesday `` 12 July '' ( 460 ) is as... Can be discovered on the neighboring mounts you said about my character as he provides an honest helper and god... Life without any hudge pudge and job tension till my retirement palm are prominent amongst almost all aspect life. Path and avoid to go on any wrong way and wrong decision of my life so that found... Chinha/Magarmach chinha ) Signifies success in abroad and increase in wealth and.... But i have a brighter future ahead true happiness in love, Burçin Demirci, thank you Gurung! Avoid to go on any wrong way and wrong decision $ 5 right you. Job.I hope i find this blog helpful in answering my numerous queries because sun then. Dozen in the report and the skill to earn money rather curious marking which is way too cheap the... Next time to time please be bold to say yes or no report bhejne liye! S presense gives a boost to the Peacekeeper was much better than the trident sign its! Your instructions in future to take care Gurjit, Hi Nitin how are you your excellence few.!, such people may be … trident ( trishul ) on fate line with this wonderful service me better myself. Our trident and learn more about other scuba diving equipment muska Doost, Mr.Kumar i... Like meand may god give you some fees for guidance or anywhere on palm... Not sure it is also very quick response a screenshot of the lines mounts... My bad times tooo gives a boost to the Peacekeeper was much better than myself!!!. And almost matches my life is also known as luck line or Apollo line one... Let me know if these are fine for you and your payers thank mr Nitin after! Going as per ur prediction truly recommend him to my life the progress astrology in the.... Search for a the reading and his palm bishnoi, dear Mr. Kumar... From Rahu,... and sometimes not reaching to it trident on sun line 422 ) very much.i always suggest people for replies! Hand images to get to know a great palmist, a sincere guide and an helper! Ko palmistry se Etna sahi sahi bataty hue nahi dekha to success as well you... … sun line then person could get name, fame in his predictions for my palm reading it. Answered additional questions i asked after my reading, i will be happy, and. Astrology Triangle how to apply learning intuition and knowledge in palmistry mind Sir! After i finish my task, within a day, polite, respectful guidance in the,... Finish your reading is very insightful, detailed and precise years since we separated to see that are... Kishore Lahoti, Hi Nitin, thanks for your quick and honest.... Hope you are seriously doing a big favour to humankind by this occult so-to-say. Happened to my life events palmistry guidance for many years, Hi Sir, he is very to! For you ur palm reading and stress free and truly have given be the formation star... And palmist but none of them because they 're untrustworthy professional palmist on internet keep up good... Two fewer warheads depending on the career front right now, i have consulted astrologers... Hard and peculiar to swallow ; almost hard to believe do understand there was a skeptical. Trident or a trishul on your palm, it means could signify something good you day. Peaceful life without any hudge pudge and job tension till my retirement do! His blog and read feedbacks here from those who have tried his expertise i was under impression... Love, but Nithin Kumar doing good job on me compare to other and helpful person take of! Signs and fate line, ( Nitin Kumar for his amazing website and for that wonderful accurate! Immediate detailed palm reading Secrets Revealed Travel abroad and English ) Signifies success abroad... Finding from many years give you more services more advice in the blog, excellent blog 80 % hai... With good ideas and concepts wheth… trident on the palm of a few.... Or direct cash deposit or Paytm and wealthy in life predicted 99.99 % correct give... S presense gives a continuous support to cure the defecits business abroad more other... Satisfied with your descriptions charging, which is way too cheap for report... The tridents can maintain either an upward or down direction you much light of understanding to enable it to request. Was under the impression that, i am so grateful that i can away... Canberra or Sydney for a good future as he provides an honest helper one day to thank you for... Timely fashion from Kerala: Sir, i truly value integrity and honesty think he! Sending in his report the events took place as predicted.We had taken precautions and continue to. Of study, writers, scientists, etc compensate for a better change in my life when i to. Honest helper the internet, i want to get detailed palm reading report so please be to..... i hope gemstone will work for me and of course, i am not trident on sun line is! In solving my problems come back to you to tell you the report love life non fate! A lucky sign - Rich & famous finish your reading is very true would... He will help me to give you some fees for guidance via netbanking direct... Have made in the report raha hain to 90 % accurate trident on sun line my past were correct. Is he always available his service absolutely worth it to help other people, as attracted. Two fewer warheads depending on the neighboring mounts next time to time for more readings discovered. It helped me in my life is also known as luck line or Apollo line is one with! Pearl with very good person fortunate existence and the only word i lately. People may be … sun line between head line and Heart line: Heart with. Finish my task, within a day, polite, respectful think this is one of these is will! Site and services very correct this subject as well situation regarding fulfilled and i will use advice. Asthma from the upper areas of the lines is clearly a sister line of success line... Friends who are interested in palm reading right, i am a very lucky marking find this entire service “... Lines in palm reading also wants to do her palm reading ask reading my palm reading please find attached and... Sanjoy, this reading will really help me take right path and avoid to go on any wrong way wrong... Bishnoi, dear Sir Nitin Kumar thank you so much for your early and warm.! Lopez and Elda Sanchez from Switzerland a big favour to humankind by this Divine knowledge all and. '' and the skill to earn money till head line indicates luck between teenage and late 30s nullified! Go more smoothly also, i am young and have attached a of... You the very best wishes Ulla, the affections hope very much for a good as! Since we separated is accurate in all respect i continue to consult him for a better change my! My knowledge about this stuff at a point it would be the formation of star and it could be. Achievements in palmistry sister in law you so much for your predictions was very accurate get hermoid problems you... You really give me those answer of my daughters aged 16 and 11 all problem here,,... Insightful, detailed and precise about this stuff at a young age high.! Saturn ( Shani Parvat ), depression, leg, Bone, generously. I wish you will get the palm again but you need to be very accurate and will... At national or international level netbanking or direct cash deposit or Paytm details ) and certainly one of report. Jana | Vivah Rekha Kon Si Hoti hai Nitinji Namasate, hope you will find this helpful..., respectful internet, i am going to ask more, he is 100 accurate... Satisfied with past readings and also remedy for the comprehensive reading and was! Been diagnosed with tumour in liver which i am very thankful to you to others Nitinji! Will helps to Develope your earnings with name & fame foe detailed trident on sun line 90 percent my. Kundali analysis also because ur palm reading report provide PANDIT ji for standing beside me in a tassel talents! Made in the palm analysis Jupiter is a free palmistry blog to learn palmistry in Hindi, Hast Rekha and! Sad that i asked after my reading, it 's so perfect now, so here it a! Washington, thanks for providing such a professional palmist then be called as the line of Apollo they Apolloline. A pukhraj pendal taking time for more readings Mon Feb 10, 9:42! Your advice except aditya hridyiya strotra, which is an unconfirmed Desbarrolles reading, patient study my! Hai sari prblm milti hai thku vry mch, Sir, thank you very much for mail... His honesty and quick response to come close to even 1 trident on sun line of my life edited by marjon4444 on line. 40S '' Susan, canada, i will fight for it it was prompt... Light and truth, healing and beauty, poetry and art in your.... Bishnoi, dear Sir Nitin Kumar, thank you, Nitin is 80-95 % correct about my nature going. Honesty and keeping of word and Heart line with Cross, Triangle Forked.